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Dell Venue 8 Stock Rooted Rom Dowland

To install place on micro sdcard or internal sdcard, boot into CWM Recovery, format cache, data, system then navigate to and install. Once installed reboot to system, select no when asked to fix root, once at desktop setup your tablet as you normally would setup a new install.

Dell Venue 8 Stock rooted 4.4.2 Rom  Download

jb4.2.2-jb4.3_ROOTKIT.7z  Download

myKIT_BATCHv1.1.x.7z  Download

Samsung Galaxy Troubleshooter Driver Error Solution

When the Android driver is properly installed, Device Manager (Start->run:devmgmt.msc) on your computer should look like this when your phone is attached:

In other words "Android ADB Interface" must be listed without error. If you do not see the "Android ADB Interface" device, try to make sure USB debugging is checked on your Android phone under Settings->Applications->Development or Settings->Developer (on Android 4.2.2 or above the developer options may be hidden, go to Settings->About Phone and tap "Build Number" 4 times to reveal it. If you already have PdaNet+ installed on the phone side, enable USB mode awill bring up the USB debugging setting if necessary)

If the computer side still does not install the "ADB Interface" driver when you plug-in your phone (PdaNet installation stucked at "please connect your phone"), there are a couple of areas you can look into:

When you have Device Manager open and it does not do a refresh when you plug-in your phone, then it is possible your USB cable is charge-only and not data-capable. You need to change to a different USB cable.

With your phone connected, there should be a USB notification on the phone side. Open it and you should see two or more USB options (such as Mass Storage, Media Device, Camera (PTP), Charge Only etc.). Try to select each (start with Camera/PTP) see if any one of them triggers the "ADB Interface" driver on the computer side. For example some Samsung phones or LG phones will require you to select "Camera (PTP)" for USB debugging to work.
With your phone connected, power off the phone and power back on. See if the computer side installs the ADB driver.

If USB connection does work for you before but is no longer recognized on the same computer, try to power off your computer and power back on and see if it helps.
Sometimes if there is a driver error on the computer side and no "ADB Interface", your system may need the official USB driver. If that is the case, install one of the following drivers on your computer first

Driver for LG Android Phones  Download
Driver from Samsung Kies  Download
Driver for Motorola Android Phones  Download
Google's USB driver list from OEM sites  Download

After installing the OEM driver plugin your phone and make sure the ADB Interface driver is installed this time. After that you can reinstall PdaNet and select "No" when it prompts you to reinstall the USB Driver

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Stock Rom Download

Turn off your 1.Cihazı simultaneously Volume Down + Power + Menu So turn it back on by holding down the key by pressing the Power Off

2. Warning !! When an alarm by pressing the button once to open audio taken into download mode on your phone and connect it to your computer

3. Run the program and Odin ID: Wait for your device to appear in the COM section

4. Addedd! warning device and your ID: COM section after seeing p7500xwlp5_p7500ojvlp5.tar.md5 select the file from the part of the AP and start the process with the Start button

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Stock Rom  T530XXU1AOA1_T530OJV1AOA1  Download

Samsung USB Driver  Download

Samsung Odin  Download

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Stock Rom Download

Turn off your 1.Cihazı simultaneously Volume Down + Power + Menu So turn it back on by holding down the key by pressing the Power Off

2. Warning !! When an alarm by pressing the button once to open audio taken into download mode on your phone and connect it to your computer

3. Run the program and Odin ID: Wait for your device to appear in the COM section

4. Addedd! warning device and your ID: COM section after seeing p7500xwlp5_p7500ojvlp5.tar.md5 select the file from the part of the AP and start the process with the Start button

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Stock Rom  Download

Samsung USB Driver  Download

Samsung Odin  Download

Android Multi Tools Download (China Tablet Pattern Unlocking)

1.  After getting connected through PC , we have to use Android multi tool software

2.  Then  the interface of the android multi tool software will appear on the screen, in it select the option 1 and press enter, which will define that you have been connected to the PC

3. After it, select the option no. 5 which will delete all the data from your tablet there of  pattern lock will be also removed

4. Now back to the tablet, it will restart and it will take some more time in starting than usual. 5. Now the screen appear which is free from pattern lock as the system get restored

Android Multi Tools   Download

Another process for it is by using android tool by GPG industry as it is similar to the previous one  only the difference is that it has got different interface

GPG tool to unlock china tablet

1. Download the tool

2. Install and open it. In the category ADB tools, click on the check device and wipe all

3. It will show that the tab is connected to the PC & it will also delete all the data from the tablet respectively. You can use either of these tools to remove the pattern lock from the  China tablet

Unlock using GPG Android tool by GPG Industries  Download

All Reed Tablet Software (Pad Product Tool)

Charge your device for no less than 50% to the closing of your device during the update.

- PAD program is necessary for the Product Update to install it on your computer.

- When you connect your device to your computer with a USB cable in the open position. drivers need to introduce your device, you'll find the driver folder.

- After checking the box on the right side of the program, frimware Image files in the folder by using the buttons to show the program as in the picture below.

(Recovery => rec.img, MISC => misc.img, SYSTEM => system.img, DATA => data.img, DATA_BAK => data_bak.img)
Do you identify your device to update the device as the picture will appear in the list in accordance with

- After checking the box on the right side of the program, frimware Image files in the folder by using the buttons to show the program as in the picture below.

(Recovery => rec.img, MISC => misc.img, SYSTEM => system.img, DATA => data.img, DATA_BAK => data_bak.img)

- Press the button in the picture to show the file in the same folder FW.

- Then press the Down buttons to start the process.

- Loading bar will appear Succesful message after being 100%. After this message, you need to wait up to 5 minutes for the opening of your device. During this time the device will remain unresponsive.

- After your device when you leave your device on press and hold the power button for 10 seconds will start opening as ready for use.

All Reed Tablet Software  Download

Android Tablet - Phone WhatsApp Download

WhatsApp Installation

Download here WhatsApp on your Android phone. This link will take you to Google Play to download the WhatsApp application.

Continue to the next screen by accepting our Terms of Use open WhatsApp.
Verify your phone number. If you have problems in this step, see this article.

When you send a message to the Windows Phone user and group member, type a name that you want to see in the report. Do not worry, it later

WhatsApp open the Menu Key> Settings, then tap your profile name.

If you have installed earlier the same phone WhatsApp, WhatsApp "Discussions were backed up." You can direct you.

If you want to restore your old WhatsApp chat, select Restore. You can find more information about restoring messages here.

WhatsApp is no longer installed on your phone, you can start chatting.

iPhone WhatsApp Download 
Android WhatsApp Download 
BlackBerry WhatsApp Download 
Nokia S40 WhatsApp Download 
Nokia Symbian WhatsApp Download 
Windows Pho WhatsApp Download

I WhatsApp Removal

Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Go to remove.
Restart your phone.

Android Phone WhatsApp Error Problem

Android Tablet - Phone WhatsApp Error Codes Meaning

For error codes: 413, 481, 491, 492, 921, 927 and 941
Gradually remove your Google Account Settings> Accounts> Select your Google> account.

Tap the Menu button and select Remove account.
Reboot your device and go back to the Accounts and add your Google account back.

Devices on Google Play App Store increasingly clear the cache stored in Settings> Applications> Play Google Play Store> Clear Cache and also Clear Data.
Try downloading again.

Error codes: 101, 498 and 919
Follow the instructions in the section "There is not enough space on the device" under the installation and try again WhatsApp.

Error codes: 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC errors, the package file is invalid, or failed installation errors download

Follow the instructions in "Not enough space on device" to make sure you have enough space on your device.

Access to the website from your phone's browser.
Tap Download Now. .

APK will be downloaded as a file Note: The device will need to enable Unknown sources in Settings> Security> Unknown sources to do so.

Open the file to start the installation.

How to Wipe Android Phone

How to Make Android Phone?

Turn off your phone and then "SOUND ON" + "MENU" + "Power" button and wait for the press at the same time. If you have done with the right timing and then sandwiched our little green android iconu cwm'miz come.

respectively, we need to do here "Wipe / Factory data reset" and "Wipe Cache Partition" down key Volume Up Down Up directs selected screen. lara come and wipe you press the power button and press the POWER button again to come in YES.

Turn off your phone after you make them

Android Tablets SD Card Update

Setup SD card version:

the ones you need: empty and biiçimlendiril have a memory card, the card reader to a computer, the original software of the device (ROM file) Click here to download. When you type in the search box on the screen that you can find out the exact model serial number of your tablet.

forming and we are taking the contents of the file you downloaded into an empty memory card. then insert your memory card to the tablet.

Tablet off the sound (-) and press the power button at the same time cut. (On some models these keys sound (+) power is on and shape.)

Remove and set your device starts against the recovery screen average of 5 min. Remove your device in your face as the day you first

Android Tablets USB Update How


1-Introduction Tablet PC
The driver must be installed before you can update to the tablet via USB. If you're throwing processing software for the first time, it is sufficient to do this process once, there is no need for you to take the next software driver identification process your transaction.

2. Connect the tablet to the computer with a USB cable in the closed position.

3. POWER until the computer tablet and VOL (-) button on the key. (Audio on some models this key (+) to open and power is the shape.) When the new hardware found wizard appear under the folder USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.20

Complete the driver installation process by showing the appropriate driver for your operating system from amlogicusbburningdriver. (Either Windows XP and Windows 7)

4-Tablet Software Update
WARNING: During the software update, you need to disconnect your device's USB connection. Otherwise you can damage the motherboard and the product may not work on another !!!

5. After Driver installation is complete, the USB-Burning-tool-v1.6.20 folder to open the program by clicking on the file ımageburntool.ex.
6 at the upper left of the screen "File" tab and select "import the upgrade by clicking the" Software "folder in the" "Choose the file.
7. If Status "connect" If you see the text, you can press the start button to start the update. POWER Connect your tablet and you do not see the text VOL (-) keys simultaneously to "connect" button until you see the text, then press the start button

Casper Via T18-M Original Rom Download

Casper Tablet T18-M specifications
8 "screen size
1280 × 800 IPS screen resolution
1 GB of RAM
4 Core Processor 1.83 GHz
Back 2 MP / 0.3 MP Front Camera
Kit-Kat Android 4.4 Operating System

Casper Via T18-M Original Rom  Download

Casper Via T18-M Loader  Download

Ezcool M5 Model Software

Ezcool M5, Z5 vs X6 models of software installation process is the same, the steps are expressed in a clear way. These steps are described on our Z5 model.

1- First, it is useful to know that. "Software reload" in the results of operations of the device we wish to emphasize the importance of all data will be deleted. Therefore, do not forget to get your replacement.

2. Adequate levels should be charging your tablet.

3. The installation program will detect the software on your tablet when in off mode, it is useful to know. So, the device is switched off, Flash Tool software installation program will detect your device.

4- Now here you can Download the necessary software.

5. Then "Flash Tool" to install the program Download

6- installed correctly, the first driver to install software on the tablet is required. For this, we must do the following steps first.

Note: If Driver is performed correctly, Flash Tools program will see your tablet, so will not go into the software installation process.

All ZTE Tablet Phone software - Phone software download

We Select Country Phone And Tablet Phone Links in Downloading we select and the model ....
Phone ROMs

AVE InTouch 3 (Avea)
Avea inTouch 2 (AVE)
Blade Q Maxi (Avea)
Blade S (CTL)
Blade V (Vodafone)
Crescent (CTL)
Mimosa X (CTL)
P728T (NFC)
R206-Z (Vodafone)
T11 (KKTCell)
T11 (Turkcell)
T40 (Turkcell)
Turkcell T11
Turkcell T11 (NFC)
Turkcell Maxi Plus 5 (KKTCell)
Turkcell Maxi Plus 5 (Turkcell)
T50 Turkcell (Turkcell)
ZTE Kis Lite

Tablet ROMs

Smart Tab 10 (Vodafone)

Data Card

AX326 (Turk Telekom)
K4201-Z (Vodafone)
MF190 (AVE)
MF190 (KKTCell)
MF190 (Ttnet)
MF190 (Turkcell)
MF60 (AVE)
MF636 (Ttnet)
MF667 (AVE)
MF681 (AVE)

All ZTE Tablet Phone software - Phone software Download

Tablet WiFi Issues Final Solution 100%

1. We're going to the Settings section.

2. We click Wi-Fi.

3. We choose the network that we want to connect.

4. We are entering our password, the network will connect to the existing definitions.

5. We mark the Show Advanced Options.

6 Months upfront DHCP part of the IP Static section.

7. There are examples of IP and DNS definitions as you can see, unfortunately, that this instance of the default gateway IP and gateway identification AirTies router and match the IP identification.
We will describe them one by one from the beginning.
Suppose AirTies Gateway: and the IP Layout 192.168.2. [Xxx] is.

8. IP Address: You can define as desired subject, I define as
192.168.2. [Xxx]

Network sample length: In 24 I wrote that Google's DNS DNS is used when the date and
Turn off your modem After performing the above steps. You can now access the internet from your phone seamlessly.

Android Tablets livesuit Rom Download

Livesuit Operating Instructions

1. Connect your device to your computer via USB and turn off
Run the exe program in 

2.Pc livesuit grabber, select img Click the button again and select the ROM you downloaded from the link above yüklenti.

3 until the power button while holding down the power button on the top of your tablet sound coming down and then wait 5 seconds after the warning pumps (sound tuşundn from pulling your hand) when you can start the installation.

Take a needle reset input resets the device does not appear within 5 minutes after the installation and denier of the opening again.

Rom Download Android Tablet livesuit

Important note: application here can cause damage to your tablet's opening.
Perform installation, taking into consideration the risk.

In addition, responsibility for damages arising from the information provided here is completely of tablet users. The following methods were applied on Windows XP. The program is also available in Windows 7.

Unlike XP, Win7 tablet during setup USB drives should be used.

LiveSuit Download

Disposal format to Android Tablet PC Model

We recommend that you upload your data before taking the tablet format.
Do not dispose of the tablet format are two simple ways.
Open your tablet If you forget your password, you must first back up your data.
Then click on the Settings option (Backup and Reset) Click the section.
On the following page (Factory data reset) you select will become the first tablet. If you forgot the password of your tablet and you can not open, then you need to try the second option.

1 tablet volume up (Audio +) by pressing and holding down the Power button and wait for some time to hold the tablet at an angle.
Screen bowels torn stomach was pierced on Android logo will come a little later and a few articles on the screen.

2. mute after coming Entries (Audio -), you can select text with the key. Audio by pressing the down key (Wipe the data / factory) you can hover over the post and the Power key (Power key) to select. So you OKs.

3. Again, a lot of you still mute to the next article in a list (Audio -) key (yes, delete) option to come over and Power (opening button) to select. So you OKs.

4. Once closed, your tablet will reboot after this process. This opening process can take a long time, because he started throwing format.
so simple to take the tablet format
Android Tablet PC Wipe the data / factory Screenshot - 1

Android Tablet PC Wipe data / factory Screenshot - 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Hard Reset

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 reset to factory settings using the reset code

Your tablet is turned on * 2767 * 3855 # and we Dialing acknowledge.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is going 3Format began disposal.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 reset to factory settings using the keys:

If you do not turn on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 device or access the tablet settings, you can reset your tablet using the hardware buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 factory settings.

Turn off your tablet.

In the closed position Volume Up + Home buttons while holding down the Power (Power) Press.
Recovery (Recovery) when the screen; Volume Down button on the screen that with the help of Wipe Data / Factory Reset Select On (Power) Press. - When you press 2 times to reduce the sound that you're seeing this in writing with relevant when troubles come from the beginning the process of building the format screen, press decrease the volume 3 times begins operation Press POWER.

Select Yes-On (Power) Press. 2 times pressing problems of living are reduced to 7 times the sound Press then press power.

On the screen that appears, select Reboot System Now the (Power) Press.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 format, Disposal was conducted.