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Change IMEI in MTK Android Devices

You can also work with the code to open the hidden menu without installing any software on the device but that this process can be difficult to access codes on each device is different.

So it's easier to use the more general method Mobileuncl MTK Tools u.

First, the Android Market (Google Play) by entering "Mobileuncl MTK Tools" and install it on your device from the application. Then "Mobileuncl Tools" to open the program and select "Engineer Mode" to enter the option. Here also the option as you come to "Engineer Mode (FTC)" Select.

A list will be against us, before "Connectivity" and then select "CDS Information", click the option that says. From here, the "Information Radio" to enter the option.

If your face if your phone is dual sim card "Phone 1" and "Phone 2" will be released in the form of two options. If only single sim card will be the only option. In this menu first "Phone 1" by clicking on the option. You will see the "AT +" writing and "Send at

Commander "will be a page where there is a button marked. The "AT +" Click the box where the yazsin and AT + i deleted the end of the + sign. Then enter the + sign on the keyboard again to find.

In this way, wipe the + sign will be a window with different options When you enter again. Here at the top of the EGM AT + = 1.7, "" select. Then we want to copy the IMEI number is AT + TNP = 1.7, "" Located at the end of the summer in between double quotes.

After checking the "Send at Command" and press the button on the screen by "AT
commander is you, "You need to see the text. Then turn off your device. * # 06 # to check the IMEI number and IMEI changed if you see that the process is complete.

IMPORTANT!!! you receive the phone IMEI code is that you do not absolutely need.

Refers to the code replica Android Phone

China Q3, China S3 Mini, China S4 China S4 Mini, China Note 2, Chinese Note 3, the Chinese iPhone 4, China iPhone 4S, China iPhone 5, Chinese iPhone open source as 5S applies to all replica products using the Android operating system . Java devices also indicated. You can look at the code. New ones will be added over time.

* # 111 # *
* # 112 # *
* # * # 3646633 # * # *
* # * # 889 988
* # * # * # * # 889 988
# 8002 #
* # * # 82043036 # * # *
* # * # 8502
* # * # 660 # * # *
for Android Replica Note 3 and * # * # 3646 # * # *
Replicas for Android and iPhone 6 889 988 # * # * # * # *
S4 are Glaxy for Android Replica * # * # * # * # 889 988
The Galaxy S5 for Android Replicas are: * # * # * # # or 36,466,334,444 700 808 or * # * # * # * # 3646 # * # *
Android Replica iPhone 5s * # 33 # *
Android Replica BlackBerry Z10: * # 112 # *
LG G3 for Android Replica: * # * # 3646633 # * # *
JAVA for Iphone 4s are: * # # Press Call 65.01066 million.
JAVA * # 1263 # S4 Mini and press the call key.
* # 1263 # to Java S5 and press the call key.
* # 069 # to Java S5 i9600 and press the call key.
FOR JAVA IXPERI X1 * # 066 # then press the call key.
Replica (imitation) for 1205T * * # 021 # then press the call key.

Keying (search) screen to come and try the above code, respectively.
When coincides with the appropriate code for your phone is written on the screen and disappear after a short time you will see a screen that looks like the following.

Dell Venue 8 Stock Rooted Rom Dowland

To install place on micro sdcard or internal sdcard, boot into CWM Recovery, format cache, data, system then navigate to and install. Once installed reboot to system, select no when asked to fix root, once at desktop setup your tablet as you normally would setup a new install.

Dell Venue 8 Stock rooted 4.4.2 Rom  Download

jb4.2.2-jb4.3_ROOTKIT.7z  Download

myKIT_BATCHv1.1.x.7z  Download

Repair Samsung MTP Driver Solution How

If you cannot get your Samsung phone to connect and getting an error then this might just solve the issue for you. This is for the Samsung Kies system and the steps are listed below. If this does not work then see Samsung Errors for more possible solutions. If these do not work then see advice from a mobile phone store in your area

Go to Setting => Application => Development, then ensure that the USB Driver Debugging has been unchecked.

Connect your Samsung phone to PC using the USB Driver cable and then Turn on the Samsung Kies and it will try connecting to the phone.

Select MTP USB device in Device Manager, now you have to select Update driver, then you will have to manually select the USB Mass Storage. Note that without these steps the computer will refused to mount the phone storage even though it was in USB Storage Mode.

Samsung Repair MTP Driver Download

MTK IMEI 3g How to Use Meta Tools Maui

1. Turn off your phone

2. Right-click the icon on your computer desktop Maui META give X.XXXX.X.X and also run as an administrator (X value indicates the program version).

3. Meta MAUI 1604 and subsequent days using any version of the atlas on the 8th step of the narrative.

4. Connect program from the Options tab into the smart phone and smart phone mode META mark the Legacy USB auto detection option.

5. Click the Reconnect button

6. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB Off

7. When you connect your phone to open a small window in the program as follows, during which the device manager will look like in the picture.

Note: In the meantime, on your phone display only the logo or under the logo "meta mode" as if a connection if you do not panic you can find expression and phone, click the Disconnect button in the program if this screen and try again off the phone.

8. Close the window of our small counter and says to select Get from Version Download IMEI.

9. Download window will open and you will see IMEI SIM 1 by a section, click the Change button on this screen by NVRAM Database File.

10. A window will open asking us to choose File, locate and select the modem that I give or files you find.

Note: There may be a small warning window immediately after the file selection, this thing by warning that "XXXXXXX modem in the system file version, but you want to continue yyyyyyyy file you showed you?" this warning can say right now.

11. You will see SIM_1 SIM_2 tabs and then on the File selection by section IMEI IMEI checksum type the first 14 digits of your number by part numbers will appear automatically on the 15th.

Note: If you type the first 14 digits consisting of the digits on the 15th of the same right if the window with your IMEI number in the "Check Checksum" option to remove the tick. Following this process will be able to write your own figures in 15th.

Both IMEI number 12. click the Download to Flash button on our programs to make sure we wrote right after.

13 by clicking on the button at the bottom after our "database file NVRAM init successfully" We'll see the phrase.

14. Close the IMEI Download window on the screen.

15 by clicking the Disconnect button in the program, you can close the program.

16. Your phone will return to normal charging mode should be open and you can no longer controls your IMEI phone.

MTK Maui META 3G   Download 

TGT MTK SN v2.0 Download

IMEI Disposal Program Applications

Connect your mobile phone to your computer with the help of Search kablıo. After this process, your computer's serial port (Com) we need to know the address. Follow these steps for this purpose; Desktop - Computer - Manage - Device Manager - Ports (COM and LPT)

1: Select the IMEI from the Department OPTIONS Options

2: baud RATE Chapter Select your phone from the band 2G / 3G

3: Select the Computer Link Between Cell Phones And Address

4: 1 IMEI READER Click the tab And also there for your İmece Out Your device

5: No you have found the specified portion of a IMEI number Write

6: Press the Start button and then wait 1-2 seconds Start your mobile phone again

7: Control order 1 Press the button again IMEI READER

TGT MTK SN v2.0   Download

MTK Android Write IMEI Tool How To Use

1: Set Com Port correctly. You can see the connected port from Device Manager.

2: Mode by pressing the Select button in the resulting window, select Normal Mode.

3: Uncheck the box pop-up window from SIM 2 by pressing the Set button. Press Save Buôn come back.

4: Press the Read button telephone connection will read its current microsoft windows is installed.

5: IMEI box, type the IMEI number.

6: Write Click the button. The phone may reboot. If the action is successful green bits may not trade in dönecektir.ilk time. Click on the Write button repeats. appear yellow.

(Although sometimes remain in the red it is to do the repair imei. Check Romain repaired and that i repaired.)

Writer Tool {Latest Version}  Download 
Writer Tool {Old Version}   Download

MTK Android Write İMEİ Tool Download

How to use the IMEI Writer Tool

1. Open  IMEI&SN Writer tool
2. Choose Smart Phone from PlateForm
3. Click USB option
4. Right side Click on IMEI_1: Fill legally imei
5. If want to second imei write so fill IMEI_2 
6. Select DB file button and choose file correct
7. Last Click on Start Button
8. Press & Hold Volume up button and insert usb cable
9. You are done

Writer Tool {Latest Version}  Download 
Writer Tool {Old Version}   Download
Write IMEI Click Tool How Do I Use

MTK6575 S3 Mini GT-I8190 Software Download

Hardware : MT6575 (SAMSUNG is Fake
Screen : 480x800
Model : GT-I8190
Build number : JRO03H.I8190XXALJL
Build date UTC : 20130601-083429
Android  v : 2.3.3
Baseband v: MAUI.11AMD.W11.50.SP.V18.P2, 2012/10/10 18:37
Kernel v : (sw03@work01-pc) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) ) #1  Sat Jun 1 16:31:15 CST 2013
Uboot build v : MAIN2.2.ubt.3766
LCD Driver IC : 1-0-nt35510_wvga_cpu_aut

MTK6575 S3 Mini GT-I8190 Software  Download 

MT65XX 6575 Android Preload Driver Download

Made in China will give the phone to the computer in order to introduce an unknown device warning during connection to the computer of Android MTK65XX MT65XX phone so you can easily install introducing the USB driver file. Driver download link is in the narrative.

MT65XX drive you connect the cable to your computer to help install the phone's USB drive, follow these steps.


Remove the desktop MT65XX in WinRAR folder.
Right-click on enter into my computer.
Enter Properties and enter the Device Manager located on the left side and then the phone while connected to the right-click Device Unknown Device-Unknow press Update Driver Software.
Browse my computer for driver software, press and press to browse.

Then show the Browser window will open the folder where you've downloaded and say OK. Warning Allow incoming data.

Your driver will be installed. You can now easily perform all your transactions MT65XX driver for your phone.

MT65XX 6575 Android Preload Driver   Download

The Galaxy S5 Replicas Replacement IMEI Code

Made Made in China-Korea-casing-replica Galaxy S5 Engineer Mode Code: * # 3646633 # *

Made Made in China-Korea-casing-Replica Samsung Galaxy S5 logo Code: * # * # 00661 # * # *

Made in China-Korea-Made-Driven Galaxy S5 Replica Replacement IMEI Code: * # * # 4636633 # * # *

Made in China-Korea-Made-Driven Galaxy S5 Replica Replacement IMEI Code: * # 3646633 #

Made in China-Korea-Made-Driven Galaxy S5 Replica Replacement IMEI Code: 700 808 # * # * # * # *

The Galaxy S5 and change the IMEI code: * # 00665 # * need to do. then you can change your 15-digit IMEI number on the screen that enter the GPRS writing. This code is valid for MTK6572 model.
If not the * # * # 00665 # * # * need to do.

If not the above code * # * # # * # * 889 988 can process the same types will be in the form of GPRS, 15-digit IMEI write off open collective.

Finally, newcomer Galaxy S5 Replica code * # 3646633 # * Engineer Mode again to açılcak.
if I give you a new Samsung galaxy s5 codes If the foregoing can be denier them.

* # 658 # * or * # * # 659 # * # *
* # * # * # 20080808 or 20080808 # * # * # *
* # 46340 # * to UA * # 46340 # * # * # * would form

If you would not as if you can open the attached file to download apk mtktools mobile uncle MTK direct engine mode and you can process your form of GPRS and 15-digit IMEI.