Windows Phone Soft Reset Model Format Disposal

As is known, in nokia lumia devices in the event of a crash, you can insert, remove the battery, reboot the device.

Of course, this situation is not very pleasant thing that a smart phone. So you can also resolve this problem by removing the batteries from the windows phone nokia s usually not taken to the freezing problem.

First, press the volume down button for about 10 seconds, the on-off button to soft reset. Phone vibrates and will restart.

If this method can not solve your problem, try a hard reset i.
mute key for switching the + key + press together until the phone vibrates press and release the camera only after the on-off button phone vibrates.

This way, your phone will return to factory settings.
In some models, you have to do as follows:

1. disconnect the charger. On / off and reduce the volume, press and hold simultaneously.

Release the button after the phone vibrates and then an exclamation point on the phone screen immediately (!) Press and hold the volume down key until it appears. Release the Volume down button.

2. Then the sound and on / off button to press in the following order:
Increase the volume, reduce the volume, on / off and volume down.

Lumia 950 XL users: Please note that in comparison with other Lumiainen physical key combination might be a little different.

3. Wait for your phone to be reset, most will return to the screen for 5 minutes during the reset gears, followed by about 30 seconds, the screen darkens, and then your phone will restart.

4. Make your first phone setup.

Make sure the phone's date and time are set correctly. Settings> date + hour (Windows 10 Mobile: Settings> Time and language> Date and time) and select options.

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Windows Phone Soft Reset Model Format Disposal
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