Unscheduled Transfer iPhone Guide to Device

especially smart phones is going to transfer our knowledge of the biggest problems when changing phones in an environment where we become so common for many.

the phone on the same telephone infrastructure in these issues in different platforms, though this can create some trouble to a minimum.

but also mobile applications available for its phones that use older versions, especially the apple 's therefore not benefit from the continuous obstacles put.

Especially Iphone 2g and 3g users to export their contacts in deep trouble. However, by the method described here without any problems, you can perform this procedure. The important thing is that iTunes and Microsoft Outlook is installed on your computer.

Open Outlook. Click the Contacts tab. People under this chapter you will see a list of named. This list is a list that is automatically opened.

Right click on the list of persons entitled under the People tab. Select New Folder ... named section. This section is where we will find a transfer Outlook contacts from the iPhone.

When I click on the New Folder window will appear on a section it will be opened. Type the name of your new list in this window. (You can give any name)

You have opened a new contact list will appear in the My Contacts section.

We make arrangements for Outlook up to this point. Now the iPhone through iTunes - we are going to match the Outlook section.

Connect iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.

After the connection is established, the program will automatically open iTunes.
(If you will not open the iTunes program Open) (Do Not Accept the proposal iTunes Update)

Under the DEVICE tab from the tab on the left side you will see the name of your iPhone in iTunes. Click the name of your iPhone u.

iTunes is the future of the middle section of information page about the iPhone is connected to your computer. Click the INFO button in this section.

INFO section This section is used to match the iPhone's guide u.
You can see the contact list created in Outlook.

Sync contacts with Outlook, you get the selected tab
Selected groups: the tab to get selected

Create a list of people you get selected

Add contacts created outside of groups tab also making the structure selected.
Then you press the Apply button in the lower right hand side of iTunes.

In this section, the following can be a problem. AmAyAbiliyorsunuz first select the portion of selected groups.

If allow for the shortage of iPhone contacts or to enter into the contacts list in Outlook.

Then again it becomes active when done. Of course, previously found in Outlook contact list are not a problem if you want to see in your phone book.

In Outlook, the end of the process, see the list of people you have opened before. You will see that transferred all of your Outlook contacts found in the iPhone.

After that came as the android operating system to use this guide in your phone.
After that you need to do well to save outlook contacts * .csv format Enter gmail account, click to select the contacts and then import contacts saying * .csv file.

In this way, all contacts will import GMail. After that you need to do is phone settings / accounts on gmail account and press Enter to click Sync contacts.

Process Iphone> Outlook> Gmail> progressing as Android.

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Unscheduled Transfer iPhone Guide to Device
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