Sony Ericsson Secret Service Codes

# Menu kısmındayk figures eat menu and select the input from the shortcut yapabilirsiniz.örneg 6 to 9. If you press the radio or income if you press the settings section if you press the media player # eat.

# Key to enter the menu Service and Software:> * << * <*
<Press the joystick to the left,> press the joystick to the right phone model from here you can access the CD information like the information to configure the camera software version.

You can access the service information normally when you write code, respectively, ignoring radio or something comes when you click the right arrow.

Mute camera: "#" hold ye

While the camera is activated:

1 - exchange in the photo size.

4 - Open the macro closes.

7 - Turn off night mode.
* - Turns the light off

Zoom Left and Right keys

Photo brightness: Up Down

# Read text writings: .txt file extension to the section of the webpage atın.kal can read the articles and the comma is part of gözükmeyecektir.dig

# If you hold down the button until the screen displays up to 2 -9 a figure that will show people that found for example in the first 6 letters "MNO" will appear in the first person, starting with M ..

# If you hold down C while ye call you off the microphone.

# Then key in any number up to 1 to 220Y "#" If you press the button on the sim card in it and people search by phone number gözükü button you faster.

# You can use these shortcuts dykes Calendar:

1) 1 and 3 - Jump to week
2) 4 and 6 - Month a jump
3) 7 and 9 - a jump Year

The main security code #Telefo 0000 if you have not changed.

# Locke simcard ===> LEFT LEFT * * I did not try it. olurmu you do not know.

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Sony Ericsson Secret Service Codes
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