As you know from the Nokia Black update of Refocus application is not supported on models with 512 MB of RAM.

The method of operating these models also available. What you must do the following, respectively:

1. Scroll to Settings> Language + Region option

2. Select the Zone setting United States

3. Restart Phone

4. Connect to a wireless network, enter the settings

5. Click the wireless network you are connected to the proxy, and enter the screen

6. Activate Proxy

7. Server / URL box, type

8. Type 8888 in the Port box

9. Refocus application for Nokia entering the market and 'Download', click.

10. Install a wireless network tıtup screen printed after clicking the back button to come to the install screen, slide to bring the market back to the proxy off position.

11. Language and turn back to your original settings of settings

12. Restart Phone

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