LG FlashTool with KDZ Stock Rom Download

First connect your computer to your phone by holding down the power button sound off. Phone screen "Download Mode" should come in writing. If not work, try the same process with the volume up volume down key.

LG USB Driver  Download
LG Flashtool  Download
LG  Stock Rom  Download

Step 1: Open the LG FlashTool program and set the photo as follows.

Step 2: "Select KDZ file" section and click on the folder icon beside .kdz find the file you download the "Open" button. LG FlashTool program will be like in the photo below.

Now we have to make a choice "Normal Flash," or "CSI Flash" Is? The difference between the "normal Flash" does not delete any data on your phone only makes system upgrade, "CSI Flash" makes clean by deleting all the files in your phone setup. If you will definitely reduce your Android version "CSI Flash" but if you must do if you do upgrade your Android version "Normal Flash" You can use the option.

Step 3: only this screen comes up "START" button.

Step 4: Finally, this screen without making any changes in the future the "OK" button.

"OK" LG Mobile Slide assembly tool application on your computer after clicking the button to turn on automatically and the installation will start from the LG Mobile Support Tool. When LG Mobile Support Tool installation is finished, you can check from your phone to your computer. Use good-bye to your new operating system.

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LG FlashTool with KDZ Stock Rom Download
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