Information about the Battery for Samsung Galaxy Optimization

Battery Optimization (calibration) How?

1-drain your battery first (completely or may be between 4-5%).

2-Connect the equipment off state to the power charger (not to charge via USB)

3-open device until the battery completely (LED should be green or full-screen icon)

4-After the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from the device (press the power button for about 5-10 seconds to allow discharge of static electricity in the equipment)

5-Battery 2-5 min. Do not install the device between

6-battery condition again tried to charge off with electric charger plug to the device (if you charge it again until the battery begins to charge)

7-open device and connect it to the battery charge is not re-charger (if you charge it again until the battery begins to charge)

8-Repeat this process a few times two (ie indoor and outdoor as you try showing up to full screen or charging light indicator)

9-latest device is now open and is not charging device Settings> About device> Status The battery has a 100% expression of your battery is fully charged.

10-If you have now in your device, battery optimization, check the voltage of your battery with any program you download the program from or to store the average value should be 4100-4300, battery filling process you have reached this value is OK.

11. Now I suggest you get your device all backup operations with the help of any backup program, otherwise it will get lost in your data reset.
Reset Procedure Why is it necessary?

When you first get your device to your battery factory sent a partly filled situation.

You ROM installation of the device when it first opened and system optimization while ADNROID device automatically makes that process.

"Data / system / batterystate.b's"

Your device is not a record of the opening of the battery above the current occupancy rate of the file, and the voltage value and the means to read this file every time.

So you your device to your battery when this record is fully charged even if you device your next charging example is 60% full, your system will fill your batteries based on this and battery Your telephone when 60% gives a warning that full your battery, but unfortunately has not expired, and immediately begins to discharge as well as the voltage value at the moment If neither works again as recorded on the basis of these values.

To fill the battery fully process what we do here and to maximize the level of the voltage and reset the system.

Now your battery completely filled the opening device and the voltage value is increased to the highest level for the condition, your phone is switched on above-created "batterystate.b the" file is now recording actual values.

And your device first before finishing completely re-charging your battery power is absolutely wasted and connect to the computer via USB because it means the deterioration of the settings of the transaction and requires again.

If you do change ROM or device, you have to redo this process Rootl those described.

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Information about the Battery for Samsung Galaxy Optimization
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