How Smart Phone Battery Life Extension

Smart Phone Battery Life Extension Tips

1. Use your Home screen Wallpaper and Theme:

If you are using a smart phone with AMOLED screen, you should choose mainly black wallpaper, because they consume more power than AMOLED technology, while light colors like white. The SLCD screen LCD and in such a situation is not in question.

In particular, Android users must use an animated wallpaper. Animated wallpaper, using the phone's hardware more. This is going to have to consume more power component.

They should also pay attention to add to their Android users screen widget. Always synchronized with the employees and with intensive 3D graphics widgets are well drawn and affect your battery power for a data connection that uses hardware.

IPhone does not have much effect on the wallpaper charge for users.

2. Backlight:

It is useful to leave the backlight on automatically setting.
However, not all smartphones have the screen brightness increases when you need to keep to a minimum because it can see the benefits of the most important factors affecting the battery life.

3. Wireless Links:

the most power consuming units undoubtedly wireless connections on smartphones. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G so they sort 3G and GPS fully charge the enemy.
Always disconnect the GPS. Get active only time will work for you. Android and shortcuts available in Symbian Belle. IPhone also with some small plugin or with a modified version of iOS this possible. You can open and close in a practical way. Bluetooth is also wander.

3G and WiFi is also open, and, let's not call conect when appropriate. Open when you connect. If you say that I will necessarily turn off syncing on Android.

Synchronization / Synchronization for taking data at a certain time that the negative effect to the batch. When you use the most sense for you to synchronize.

4- you ram'i (temporary memory) Let's check the program's operation and Bottom:

Do not startup and shutdown unnecessary programs in the background. IPhone also an effective solution to turn off notifications. In particular, there are applications that end programs for Android. But many of these applications 24/7 themselves for the work still is in effect a negative charge.

Android users should stop the practice of stopping the system. These applications will be automatically charged to the negative impact of both the phone and the necessary re-work will slow down.

5. Manage your phone's Smart Efficient Processor:

Root'l of this section applies to users. Root users are doing, they do not have this right. Linux-based smart phones, especially those who are being released with certain processor speed settings.

In general, the phones in the OnDemand adjustment, can adjust the speed according to the amount of CPU usage. For example, 1 GHz processor, you receive the phone, it does not always operate at 1 GHz.

IPhone users can influence the processor speed with some method again. IPhone s usually run at low speed of existing processors to ensure the battery life gains.

Processor reduce your speed, when trading will not increase your phone battery power. Because it will work slower processor will use 100% of the business will be passed over to the light stays on your screen.

6. While the phone battery charging Full Fill:

Charge the phone until it is 100%.
Remove from charging the phone and hung up the phone.
Plug the phone charger again and wait until you can expect. (1-3 hours)
Remove the charge the phone and turn on your phone.
After you turn on your phone, wait 2-5 minutes doing nothing. (Whether or not attached to the charger)

Turn off your phone and insert it again for at least half an hour to recharge.
Remove the charging and use your phone normally. The procedure is finished.

This method was calibrated by going to the battery and fully filled. Enough to do this once. After charging it until it is full.

7. Address the Special Edition of the operating system:

This matter is for iPhone users and Android users who use modified versions of the root. The interface to the Android device made by phone manufacturers, making a negative impact on battery life. By default, the system works in the same way the iPhone is going negative impact of small unneeded software.

TouchWiz interface, such as Sense system and is more tired, they both reduce the charging time. That's why it is wise to use a pure version of Android.

Prefer to use a custom version of Android with similar interfaces such as the pure version of Android CyanogenMod. whited00 versions also comes in handy for the iPhone.

Of course, this method requires some skill. It can be difficult for ordinary users.

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How Smart Phone Battery Life Extension
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