FlashTool with Xperia Firmware Download

FlashTool Steps to download firmware

You can download the latest version of FlashTool from the link below.

FlashTool ( - ( Download

To check firware on your handset, go to “Devices” > “Check Updates”

This will bring up the Device Selector for you to choose your mobile.

Now click on your phone variant which will load a list of customisation versions for various carriers & regions. Click on the version to find out the latest firmware version.

Once you have chosen your firmware, you can start the download by double-clicking on the firmware. The message at the bottom of the screen will then change to “Decrypting FileSets” and then “Creating Bundle”.

This will then bring up the Bundler as seen in the screen below. Select all items on the left side of the screen, move it to the right and then click “Create” which will then create a FTF firmware file.

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FlashTool with Xperia Firmware Download
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