Exiting from the Android Safe Mode and Safe Mode

Safe mode; Windows operating system in safe mode as the operation of the system is blocking all unnecessary applications in the android device to make it more stable.

If you think you need a secure fashion why your device receives a case study of the state power due to the application installed on your device in some cases. As such cases are used to respond to the application in safe mode. (You can very rarely needed.)

To turn off your phone in your fixed device in safe mode as usual on / off button you press. We are holding down the volume down button until the device vibrates long after pressing.

Some key during boot instead of sound while in safe mode by holding down the menu key Samsung model transition is made.

Phone not safe mode it says at the bottom left of the screen is opened to gerekmek. You may perform your in safe mode after seeing this post.

Note: some of the applications you create home screen shortcuts are lost when you restart your device using a smart phone with Safe Mode. 3rd party applications you install on your phone will not be active.

Above Safe Mode (Safe Mode) and open the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17i) you can see a screenshot.

How to exit from safe mode?

Smart There are similar problems on your device or memory problem can be difficult if you come from safe mode

Switch off your device to exit safe mode, wait a few minutes, removing your battery. Turn on your device, just open your phone by pressing. (Otherwise your device safe mode becomes active again.)

battery removal process in normal conditions it is sufficient to restart the realization of genius.

"In addition, some non-smart devices are only available in the battery device off and ongoing problems such as improvement then wait a few minutes. "

If there are more effective method of dealing with this issue in the comments below if you share this issue you can make everyone's benefit.

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Exiting from the Android Safe Mode and Safe Mode
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