Error Opening Wi-Fi How to Problem On Android Devices

Error Switching to Wi-Fi problem on Android Devices

A common problem encountered when many android devices wi-fi required to open up again after some time off.

Opening and closing time long in this exact solution, although many devices and turn off the devices in the process of charging due to a very fast depletion is not so preferred method.

So switch off the existing solution methods that you can try a few without.

1: * # * # 526 # * # * Dial, your phone "Driver Loading Successful" if it comes to writing wi-fi began to work. If "Driver Loading Unsuccessful" If you encounter Continue writing the next one.

2: * # * # 526 # * # * Dial option and enter the options.

3: Rx select Test i.

4: Channel> Select the 9.

5: press Start and go from there.

wi-fi is supposed to work when you wait for a while.

Alternatively, you can try the Wifi fixer program. You can download a kind of program that does this process automatically here.

Also available is another method for the Samsung users.

1: Turn off Wi-Fi, and enter y ea Allshare from the menu.

2: it will give a warning and be connected to a wireless network to connect, select the network. In this manner it will work.

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Error Opening Wi-Fi How to Problem On Android Devices
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