Change IMEI in MTK Android Devices

You can also work with the code to open the hidden menu without installing any software on the device but that this process can be difficult to access codes on each device is different.

So it's easier to use the more general method Mobileuncl MTK Tools u.

First, the Android Market (Google Play) by entering "Mobileuncl MTK Tools" and install it on your device from the application. Then "Mobileuncl Tools" to open the program and select "Engineer Mode" to enter the option. Here also the option as you come to "Engineer Mode (FTC)" Select.

A list will be against us, before "Connectivity" and then select "CDS Information", click the option that says. From here, the "Information Radio" to enter the option.

If your face if your phone is dual sim card "Phone 1" and "Phone 2" will be released in the form of two options. If only single sim card will be the only option. In this menu first "Phone 1" by clicking on the option. You will see the "AT +" writing and "Send at

Commander "will be a page where there is a button marked. The "AT +" Click the box where the yazsin and AT + i deleted the end of the + sign. Then enter the + sign on the keyboard again to find.

In this way, wipe the + sign will be a window with different options When you enter again. Here at the top of the EGM AT + = 1.7, "" select. Then we want to copy the IMEI number is AT + TNP = 1.7, "" Located at the end of the summer in between double quotes.

After checking the "Send at Command" and press the button on the screen by "AT
commander is you, "You need to see the text. Then turn off your device. * # 06 # to check the IMEI number and IMEI changed if you see that the process is complete.

IMPORTANT!!! you receive the phone IMEI code is that you do not absolutely need.

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Change IMEI in MTK Android Devices
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