All Nokia Lumia update and QR Codes

Barcodes placed on many everyday objects. (Electronic devices, books, magazines, newspapers, such as credit card account statement.)

In particular, camera phones and barcode scanner applications through phone number, serial number, web address, and a small storage encode information such as e-mail addresses and smart phone users already begun to gain ground in their lives.

The QR code is a two-dimensional barcode types. QR: Quick Response (Quick Response)

QR code to scan your Windows Phone Windows Phone surcharge-free as possible to find numerous applications in the Store.

Instead of installing recommended practices contained in the Windows Phone Bing Visual or if it came pre-installed applications that you use the

Scan the QR code to download the applications or tap on the QR code you enter your Windows Phone device.

Windows Phone 8 users "Bing Audio application where this?" he will say. Now, Bing is the default search provider in Internet Explorer before you get to the Visual Application

Bing then make the phone settings (Settings> Language + Regional> Browser & search language> English (US)) By the reboot your device.

When the device is switched on the bottom right of the search button on Windows Phone Bing search app is touched.

Touching the icon that looks like the eye at the bottom Bing Visual application opens and you're ready to scan QR codes.

Only the default search provider to use Windows Phone 8.1 is sufficient Bing Turkish.

If you are using English to me like Cortana opens Windows Phone dial button Touching the button to reach Cortana Cortana and destroy the visual interface of Bing

Alternatively applications ready again, though Bing is a simple application for those who want to use the visual shortcut available in the Windows Phone Store.

Applications, Windows Phone camera lens can be fixed by creating shortcuts in the start screen interface. In this way we can reach once again we have reached a two-touch two-touch Bing Visual.

QR for Cortana can install the Bing application and then scan the QR code with visual or But, if you are entering your device, you can install Windows Phone tapping the QR code from the Windows Phone Store.

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All Nokia Lumia update and QR Codes
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