All models of the Sony Xperia Format Reset Disposal

Method-1 for all Sony Xperia Models

We recommend using the required button to reset operation of your phone ready in case you are experiencing slowdowns and freeze your device in your Sony Xperia phone.

We remove the cover as shown in the picture.
SD micro and nano SIM card holder is located under the cover we find the small yellow reset button.

Not too hard to be a ballpoint pen or a button is pressed and will not damage the buttons are holding a drive down the button for 5-10 seconds. You must press the button with extreme hard objects can damage the button if otherwise.

We leave the yellow button I press the restart process and we look forward to the resumption of our device. If your phone does not restart the power / unlock button Press to open the phone in a normal manner.

After the restart contacts, music, photos and other files, such as all settings and personal data will remain intact.

Method-2 for all Sony Xperia Models

Press the Power button and turn off the option to turn off your phone.
Then, holding down the top button of the Volume keys to enter the recovery mode on your Android device, then press the power button.

Our phone using the volume keys to move up and down after the start in recovery mode "wipe data factory reset" We are coming to the options and we choose the option by pressing the power button. Yes to our future as the options menu by saying yes, we expect to complete the transaction giving our consent.

After you have finished "reboot system now" option and re-launching the phone came by our phone formatted in a way that welcomes us.
In addition, the phone you want to delete the cache, "wipe cache partition" and "wipe cache dalvick" you can clear the cache by phone cleaning options in the same way.

CAUTION: Do not forget your all important information before making the phone formatting and backup your phonebook. Otherwise you lose your important data as we can not be held responsible for any problems that may occur will be in question.

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All models of the Sony Xperia Format Reset Disposal
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