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Before you start make sure you have completed all of the following tutorial.
On your computer:

Download MiniTool Partition Wizard on your PC or laptop and install it.
on your Explorer:

This application of stem cell tracking root of these guidelines needs.
Install from Android Market on Link2SD Explorer. This can be downloaded for free.


Now it will make use Link2SD must create a second partition on the microSD memory card.

Note: We will use MiniTool Partition Wizard to create a second partition on the microSD card. This section of ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32 can. It is supported on all phones and cause as necessary we correct the problem a little later we will use the FAT32 (and I suggest you use ext4 any special kernel with ext2, if 3.4 support explorer stock kernel only supports FAT32 partition). You can use any partition manager of your choice, but MiniTool Partition Wizard guides you through the following steps.

MiniTool  Download

This process of passing time, just delete the memory card space is no need to make it worthwhile to have at least 1.0GB to 0.5GB. In addition, the process is connected to the PC does not need to use the phone as a microSD card adapter generates the following section.

a) Connect the phone to a PC via USB and then start MiniTool. Details you 'Disk 2' opens, you should see under

b) click on it Mini Tool Disk 2 in the left pane under the memory card and press'

Move / Resize Partition '. 'Size and Position' in the blue bar under the heading you want to move in the right arrow to the left to create a secondary partition size ettirin.örnek field 1018.63MB I created a secondary section below. This value is also 'after Unallocat Space' s can be entered manually.

Once this is done c) you should see if the memory card is below 2 Mini Tool disc is divided into two parts. Right-click the new partition, and then 'Create' button.

A pop-up, just to keep 'Yes,' You'll see the button.

d) Later in this window Create New Chapter 'you should see. 'File System' click, click Primary under FAT32 and then 'Create Different' below. Leave the default cluster size and assign a drive letter which you want. Then complete press OK.

e) This should bring you back to the main Mini Tool screen. Now is indicated by a tick symbol, top left of the screen click 'Apply' button.

This will open another pop-up window, and re-size it may take a few minutes and both will create a secondary partition.

If successful, you should see the following message. Congratulations on your card is ready to use with Link2SD. Before proceeding to the next step, restart your handset.

2. Link2SD
This application makes it easy for users with root privileges on their phone to move the SD card applications.

a) Open the app on your phone Link2SD. to be greeted with the following menu, select the FAT32 option and click OK.

Then click Allow, click Export, you will see Super Request.

Then restart your phone, the following message should now be ready to use görürsünüz.uygul Amasa.

b) make sure everything is installed correctly and click the button iç

"Storage Information" go. This will show two partitions on the internal memory and memory card. In my case, the second part (I've used for some applications, but it is full of such cases the free 1GB free so you should see 100%) you can see that 1GB.

c) Now press the to move the applications you select the memory card, click Multiple choice 'option.

If you select the application you want to move by clicking the check box next to the app. System applications are dimmed and can not be selected. You can only move applications already built-in memory Link2SD. If the SD card already, you need to move back to the internal memory prior to connect them with Link2SD If applications.

If MultiSelect pressing, your application that you choose to select all if you want to move all will bring up another menu.

After you select the application you want to move d), then press the menu button the following menu will be opened in the 'Actions', you need to hit. Press 'Create Link'.

Release all three check boxes is selected and press OK. Link2SD no longer do business and connect your memory card to the selected applications / will move.

When finished, you moved the apps 'Linked -> SD Card' You see that in the app list Link2SD orange writing. Restart your phone.

e) Link2SD now use your phone congratulations! Now press the menu button

Go to Settings and how you need to configure Link2SD the job you want. The main decision here is whether the memory card for automatic connection the newly installed application. We recommend you to activate the automatic connection and built-in memory to worry about a thing of the past given the challenges I've taken Link2SD installation.

App data to ensure accurate data folder is moved to SD and SD ext download the application to check their DiskUsage After completing the above process, you should see something like this.

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Add in Android Devices Final Solution to the Problem Areas
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