As you know, some games and applications in the operating system Windows Phone devices can not be established below 1 GB of RAM. To overcome this problem is actually very simple. You do what you need them

1. Scroll to Settings. - Connect from Wifi.

2. Click on WiFi you are connected.

3. Turn on the proxy. Server / URL 117 135 139 179 to confirm the 8888 Port Type.

4. Return to the main menu, press the Menu key. Open Store. Find youd like to build the game. Do not open but also LOAD.

5. Press the menu button again to return to the main menu.

6. Enter the Settings again. Enter Wifii again. Click on you're connected to WiFi. Turn off the proxy. Confirm. Return to the main menu, press Menu.

7. Return to the store and build your youd like to install the game.

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