Offline FlashTool with the LG Smart Phone Software

LG FlashTool Offline Usage:

First, download the system files on your computer .kdz format compatible with your phone. FW Download

Download indrip install on your computer.
USB Driver

LG Mobile Support Tool  Download

LG Download the application offline and remove the rare FlashTool LG Offline FlashTool

C: ProgramData erased in LGMOBILEAX folder, copy the folder inside LGMOBILEAX FlashTool new LG offline.

A: windowssystem32driversetc in the bottom of the Host file, add rows.

For those who can not do this step:

Copy the file to the host desktop.

Open the hosts file in Notepad.

Add the line I gave above the bottom of the host file.

Close the Notepad.
Changes from yes to question asked when closing it be saved.

New Host file C: Copy windowssystem32driversetc into and Yes to the question Do file also changed.

in FlashTool Offline folder downloaded the bottom LG_KDZ_FW-update_offlinefix install the MSXML application folder in the Folder KDZ_FW_UPD_.

If the data is loaded warning saying Repair complete installation.
Turn off your phone and connect it to your computer Download Mode

Turn off the phone and connect it to your computers for those who do not voice your phone while pressing the Power button will appear in the Download Mode.

Run the application in the HTTP folder under the shttps LG_KDZ_FW-update_offlinefix folder.

in the LG_KDZ_FW-update_offlinefix folder under KDZ_FW_UPD_ uptestex_mod2_marwin.ex folder, run the application.

Set the Application as follows:
Select Type: CDMA
Phone Mode: Diag
Reset Time 33000

Define the KDZ file you download the application Select File Part KDZ.

Now Normal web upgrade test or is CSA website upgrade you did this test you have to choose it.

"Normal web upgrade test" and "CSI web upgrade test" s, the difference between "Normal web upgrade test" does not delete any data on your phone only system

Make upgrades, "CSI web upgrade test" makes a clean install by deleting all the files on your phone.

If you will definitely reduce your Android version "CSI web upgrade test" but if you do you should do if you upgrade your Android version you can use the "Normal web upgrade test" option.

Against the screen, click Start Upgrade

Finally, press the OK button to change anything from your screen to the Select Country & Language.

When the installation is complete, you can remove the phone from the computer.

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Offline FlashTool with the LG Smart Phone Software
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