Software environment

Install USB driver
Apply to windows XP、WIN7.
It just support only one phone,you can‘t connect more than one phone every time.
software install: Just uncompress the file to your PC, and then you can use it.

Switch the phone to fastboot mode

Push the button “Volume down” firstly, at the same time,

connect the phone to PC by USB  port(or push the power button) .

Release the volume down key after the mobile phone shake,

and the phone can go into fastboot mode.

Unlock the phone by FRP Unlock Key

The mobile phone can be unlocked by FRP unlock key, If in the FASTBOOT state.

Operate as the fllowing:

Input the 16 bits FRP unlock key.

Click the button “unlockByKey”

The phone will reboot if unlock successfully.

You can’t close the software when the operation is in progress.

If the phone is successfully unlocked, the interface will show FRP UNLOCK SUCCESS
IF not success then

Click the button “Erase FRP ”
its 10000000% success

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