HTX Multi Tool Download

Bootloader Unlock HTC Android by machines with only one mouse click.
Install CWM online.
Lock (relock) of the HTC Bootloader.
Flashing Partition (or Recovery Boot, ...).
CID Finder: fill your CID and the application will display the area (region) of you.
Read file information (just read the unencrypted ROM).
No boot or recovery mode via adb fastboot.
Read Token to unlock bootloader manually.

Read the information.
Clear data (machine must be root before).
Multi APK Installer (You can install 10 20 100 applications at the same time).
Sideload: save time while rooting HTC or other phone models, you may be loaded directly SuperSU file or compressed files. Different zip.

Note: to unlock the bootloader for the HTC model only available for use yahoo mail account, the author will improve this feature.

HTX Multi Tool  Download

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HTX Multi Tool Download
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