All Sony Xperia Model Sim and Memory Card How

Sony Xperia Play now and learn how to insert Memory Card 

Xperia nano SIM card

Caution: Make sure your Nano sim card sim card when placing the tray in the proper position. Insert the sim card slot as shown in the picture in the lower right corner of the device with the holder.

Note: Some Sony Xperia Z, Xperia M, L and various other Xperia models can vary the location of the SIM card. For example; Sony Xperia Z3 with a memory card slot Nano SIM card entries are side by side.

How to wear?

Warning: In some models, to be effective, because the smart phone Xperia devices can operate without sim card, if you attempt to insert the SIM card of your device is switched on, the phone automatically switches off and restarts.

First, pull out the SIM card tray to place the Nano SIM.
Insert the SIM card as shown in the picture tray.
Push the tray and close it by inserting the slot cover.
How to remove it?

The back of the phone as well as the installation procedure is facing you in a position, at the bottom right side of the device can see the SIM card slot entrance.
And a fine-tipped object with your fingernail to open the SIM card slot cover.
Nano SIM card tray to pull it out.

Get your Nano in sım'i dragging tray and close the lid forward.

Xperia MicroSIM card

How to wear?

5 steps you can learn how to insert the Micro SIM card to your device.

1-)Remove the SIM card with your fingernail or a fine-tipped object entrance door.

2-)Inside pull out the SIM card tray.

3-)Place the micro SIM card's gold-colored area facing you.

4-)Push the cradle.

5-)Bring Micro SIM card slot cover to the original position.

Xperia Memory Card How attached?

Remove the memory card input slot cover with your fingernail.
Insert the memory card of the brand in the uppermost slot.
Push until the microSD memory card slot.
Close the slot cover.
How to remove it?

The safety of data stored on the microSD card and turn off your device when you remove the memory card terms will not be lost or Settings> Storage> Unmount SD card 'to bring the situation gradually deactivated. Your card will be ready to be so.

Remove the memory card slot cover.
Insert the memory card. When it comes to the unlocked position to pull it out.
Insert the slot cover.

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All Sony Xperia Model Sim and Memory Card How
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