Samsung Flash Loader 7.0.4 How to Use

Now Open the Flash Loader Folder and you'll see:

Extract the Sunstone Folder and run the Setup.exe of that folder....
After Installing Download Mode Drivers, Run bfloader.exe in Admin mode(Right click>Run as..)
It will open the Flashing Tool:

Now tick the "Main" And "CSC" and Locate the "Main" as yourfolder*/S3770KDDH1/BIN/S3770KDDLH1.ptt
And the "CSC" as yourfolder*/S3770KDDH1/CSC/S3770KDDLH1.ptt  as shown in the Pic:

Now Click on "Main Partition Table" and tick all selection BUT   Dont tick the selections of "Partition 9-12" (Dont TICK sysv and sysv_bk) If you tick, it will Erase your IMEI !
Just Tick the selection of Partition 1-4 and Partition 5-8 Tab and click ok ...

Do the Same With CSC Partition Table Selection ....
Now Click on Start (on the Application) and First Switch Your GT S3700K OFF And Press Volume UP key and Screen Lock And Connect your Device to PC/Laptop via USB and Wait for Device get installed and you'll see this after Sometime :

After All Process and Task been done, the Flasher Application will show this:

And Now Disconnect the Device and Take the battery out and reinsert it And Switch ON the Phone and You're Done....

Flash Samsung GT S3770K (S3770KDDLH1) Download

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Samsung Flash Loader 7.0.4 How to Use
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