LG G2 fastboot mode StartEd udc_start Problem

I solved the problem. I hope this issue will help to other friends who live in olcam.

First download the file: Download

NOTE: The action applies to the LG G2 D802 model.

1. Install the driver ADB google: Download 2. the adb folder C: Take \ drive.
3. Connect the USB cable that you connect to the computer by holding down the Volume Down key on the phone.
4. Click Start> Run> cmd and press OK. (Windows 7)

Left Windows icon in the lower right corner click Start> Run> cmd and press OK. (Windows 8.1)

5. In the window that comes up against cmd follow every step of confirming with the following sequence. (Press Enter after each step.)

cd c:\adb
fastboot erase cache
fastboot erase recovery
fastboot erase laf
fastboot flash laf laf.img
fastboot reboot

6. Again come to the fastboot screen. Do not be afraid.
7. Hold the power button down until the phone turns off completely after taking the USB cable.
8. Plug in the USB cable connected to your computer, press and hold the volume key on the phone.
9. Download Mode screen will appear.

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