Samsung Galaxy S7 - S7 Edge Root File

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 - S7 Edge Root File-1  Download

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 - S7 Edge Root File-2  Download

Samsung Usb Driver   Download

Samsung Odin   Download

1- you open the Odin program

2. Re-Partition section are NOT checked You click on the PDA button and you can choose only 3 t or md5 file extension you downloaded to your computer.

4- You receive download mode and you connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.

5- ID: COM section by the bottom of the empty window when you press the START button YELLOW

6. After this, the phone will automatically turn on and your software update process to complete.

7- single file firmware versions are so often a non-wipe old data and settings are deleted. To be a clean installation and 

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Samsung Galaxy S7 - S7 Edge Root File
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