Wonder How To Root Samsung Galaxy W I8150

Download the update.zip  file to be made for automatic operation of the root.
 Update.zip copy the file to your phone's internal memory. (For example, the Download folder)

Disconnect the USB cable.
Turn off your device in the Galaxy Wonder power button.
After the device has completely shut down the volume up button, pressing the middle button and power button at the same time keeping open the device.

Launch of Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Wonder Recovery Mode

When the device is switched on (vibrate), you can release the power button, but the other two buttons (volume up key and the middle), continue to hold.
Release the volume up key and the middle you see the visual mark.
Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Wonder Box Photo Recovery Mode

Press the Menu key to open the recovery menu.
Samsung Galaxy W I8150 Wonder Introduction to Recovery Mode

Using pop-up menu volume up and down cursor keys to play off as "apply update from sdcard" and press the middle button on the point and then select this option.

Use Volume up and down keys to highlight the update.zip file (in the location that you copied from your computer) and pressing the center button to start the update process. (It takes a few seconds)

After the update is complete "reboot system now" to reboot your device by selecting.

After opening the application, enter your device, check whether you have the Superuser application. If some applications are starting to ask for authorization and Superuser app installed the root process is successful.

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Wonder How To Root Samsung Galaxy W I8150
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