Sony Xperia FlashTool User Guide   Sony Xperia FlashTool User Guide

Sony Xperia Flashtool Download

FlashTool with Firmware Download

First you need to download a firmware for your device
and this firmware 's Local Disk (C :)> FlashTool> Firmwares you at the folder.

(Firmware Seeking 's If you can not find it buradant Xperia firmware to Get There, you do not want can not find it.)

FlashTool 'u Open and Click Lightning sign.

If you want to wipe your data Deleting Apps Need you choose.

Select Flashmode and Arrow 'a Click.

Such a window is coming.

If you remove those in Part Wipe Elections;

For example, Data 's indelible If you remove any data it can be said.

Nothing But You Can not Remove and you click off the Flash Button.

Screen Future Structure of an Animation is there so

Close your Xperia 3-5 Sec. Wait,

2011 Series Xperia without holding down the Back key,

2012 Series and Upper Xperia 's voice from the choke hold down the key,

Connect devices to the PC.

It was Kala FlashTool Next Operations.

What you see Flashing Finished Time article,
It Time to Withdraw your phone.