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Note: / Windows 8.1, follow the steps below to install drivers for Windows 8 FlashTool.

1) Press the Windows key + R and run box type: shutdown.exe / r / o / f / t 00
- Make the following selections for setting up boot-screen Start Now >> Advanced options Start Up Troubleshooting Settings> Restart
- Then that option number 7 when the machine is restarted "Disable driver signature application". Your machine will start with the implementation disable driver signing up to the next restart.

2) Now you can install FlashTool drivers.
- Warns that signed will require Windows drivers and to confirm the installation.
- After installation is complete, restart the machine

After you start the program, you should see something like the following. Create> Bundles Tools> Go.

"Bundler" will appear in a new pop-up called. Click on the three dots next to the "Select the source folder."

Now select the folder where the firmware file and press "OK" button.

Bund sub "folder list" should now contain all the firmware file. Now the entrance to the "Device" smartphone Xperia you want flash you double-click in space or tablets.

When you select your device, then you will be prompted to select variants. If you are unsure variant, go to your Xperia device, and 'Settings> About phone "and click" Model number "Look under.

Note: Your device communication list or fear then. Unless creating FTF firmware package that includes loader. you file it can be flashed later. "Device Selector" FTF does not include packets are only used to describe a device loader. file. If you loader. including file then "Device Selector" is used for naming purposes only and does not affect flash file.

If (the date of publication not listed FlashTool) an Xperia Tablet Z3 are compact if, for example, as long as (any device and variant list and still be flashed may select the FTF firmware file loader. you file we anyway) is contained in the package is the advice below .

Now branding the appropriate input box, and the software version number. If you have previously downloaded xperifirm actual firmware you need to know these details.

"In the Folder List" Highlight all the files and "Firmware contents" pane, click the right arrow to move into them. "Create" button.

FlashTool will now start creating FTF firmware file. You should see a progress bar as shown below.

You will see The Following message after you FTF firmware file is not compiled.

To ensure the FTF firmware file you created, you can enter the following location on your PC: "C :. \ Users \ [PC Name] \ FlashTool \ Software"

Now FTF firmware file is created, you need to flash your Sony Xperia device. For the "flash device", click the top left FlashTool lightning.

"In Flashmo" and then select "OK" button.

If the "Firmware" pane, select the version you want to build a firmware flash. If the application / data you want to preserve, "Wipe" pane "DATA" to remove the sign. After the "Flash" button click.

FlashTool it "Preparing files for flashing" that will show later.

You may have to wait about 60 seconds to look for the following pop-ups. So then, you now need to connect a Sony Xperia device. Make sure the device is turned off when connecting the USB cable, and then switch to 'mute' hold. After a pop-up disappears and starts flashing, 'you can leave the mute' button.

NOTE: - This is related to the old Sony Ericsson Xperia phones "press the back button," says passing the instructions that appear.

FlashTool Xperia device will then start flashing. As indicated below you "Flashing finished" look after, Sony Xperia was successfully flashed.

Congratulations, you just install the Android Lollipop! Now disconnect the power connection on the handset and Xperia devices. It takes a while to boot handsome if not despair.

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With FlashTool Rom Download Visual Expression
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