Unfortunately Contacts How Has Stopped Error

1.Clear Cache and Data

People using these steps, try cleaning the temporary storage:

Go Settings
Take Application Manager
Select All tab
Select Contact
Touch Clear Cache
Clear Data Selecting this will delete all changes you made to your phone app but I tried some settings that can solve the problem because it is based on some users is optional.

Go back to the previous menu and choose Phone
Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data

2. Change Date Format

Go Settings
Select More
Under the date and time, 24-hour format change

3. Remove Rogue Apps

Under Safe Mode Start your phone if problems arise, to observe. If not, you probably have a third-party application that is causing the error. Safe Mode, try out the latest app installed before the problem to remember. Errors still disable a while to test whether it is coming.

4. Factory Reset

insturctions If this does not solve your problem, then disable the application google +
Ask a question uyarilgil

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Unfortunately Contacts How Has Stopped Error
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