TGT MTK SN v2.0 Download

IMEI Disposal Program Applications

Connect your mobile phone to your computer with the help of Search kablıo. After this process, your computer's serial port (Com) we need to know the address. Follow these steps for this purpose; Desktop - Computer - Manage - Device Manager - Ports (COM and LPT)

1: Select the IMEI from the Department OPTIONS Options

2: baud RATE Chapter Select your phone from the band 2G / 3G

3: Select the Computer Link Between Cell Phones And Address

4: 1 IMEI READER Click the tab And also there for your İmece Out Your device

5: No you have found the specified portion of a IMEI number Write

6: Press the Start button and then wait 1-2 seconds Start your mobile phone again

7: Control order 1 Press the button again IMEI READER

TGT MTK SN v2.0   Download

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TGT MTK SN v2.0 Download
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