Rockchip FactoryTool Download

Flash Stock Firmware
It allows you to flash stock firmware on any RockChip smartphone and Tablets including RK2918, RK3066, RK3188, RK312A and lots more. It comes with two options i.e Upgrade and Restore Option. You can choose them as per your need to flash the firmware.

Multiple Language
Rockchip Factory Tool is available in two languages i.e English and Chinese. You can choose the language by clicking on the Language Button anytime.

Detects Chip
Once you have added the Firmware on RockChip Factory Tool, then it automatically detects the Chip of the Firmware and thus allows you to know that firmware is compatible with your device or not.

Device List
Whenever any RockChip Device is added to the Computer, RockChip Factory Tool automatically detects it and show them in the Device List. Beside this it also shows the Device Type, Device ID and the Upgrade Process during the flashing.

Rockchip_FactoryTool_v1.34  Download

Rockchip_FactoryTool_v1.39  Download

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Rockchip FactoryTool Download
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