Repair Samsung MTP Driver Solution How

If you cannot get your Samsung phone to connect and getting an error then this might just solve the issue for you. This is for the Samsung Kies system and the steps are listed below. If this does not work then see Samsung Errors for more possible solutions. If these do not work then see advice from a mobile phone store in your area

Go to Setting => Application => Development, then ensure that the USB Driver Debugging has been unchecked.

Connect your Samsung phone to PC using the USB Driver cable and then Turn on the Samsung Kies and it will try connecting to the phone.

Select MTP USB device in Device Manager, now you have to select Update driver, then you will have to manually select the USB Mass Storage. Note that without these steps the computer will refused to mount the phone storage even though it was in USB Storage Mode.

Samsung Repair MTP Driver Download

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Repair Samsung MTP Driver Solution How
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