MTK IMEI 3g How to Use Meta Tools Maui

1. Turn off your phone

2. Right-click the icon on your computer desktop Maui META give X.XXXX.X.X and also run as an administrator (X value indicates the program version).

3. Meta MAUI 1604 and subsequent days using any version of the atlas on the 8th step of the narrative.

4. Connect program from the Options tab into the smart phone and smart phone mode META mark the Legacy USB auto detection option.

5. Click the Reconnect button

6. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB Off

7. When you connect your phone to open a small window in the program as follows, during which the device manager will look like in the picture.

Note: In the meantime, on your phone display only the logo or under the logo "meta mode" as if a connection if you do not panic you can find expression and phone, click the Disconnect button in the program if this screen and try again off the phone.

8. Close the window of our small counter and says to select Get from Version Download IMEI.

9. Download window will open and you will see IMEI SIM 1 by a section, click the Change button on this screen by NVRAM Database File.

10. A window will open asking us to choose File, locate and select the modem that I give or files you find.

Note: There may be a small warning window immediately after the file selection, this thing by warning that "XXXXXXX modem in the system file version, but you want to continue yyyyyyyy file you showed you?" this warning can say right now.

11. You will see SIM_1 SIM_2 tabs and then on the File selection by section IMEI IMEI checksum type the first 14 digits of your number by part numbers will appear automatically on the 15th.

Note: If you type the first 14 digits consisting of the digits on the 15th of the same right if the window with your IMEI number in the "Check Checksum" option to remove the tick. Following this process will be able to write your own figures in 15th.

Both IMEI number 12. click the Download to Flash button on our programs to make sure we wrote right after.

13 by clicking on the button at the bottom after our "database file NVRAM init successfully" We'll see the phrase.

14. Close the IMEI Download window on the screen.

15 by clicking the Disconnect button in the program, you can close the program.

16. Your phone will return to normal charging mode should be open and you can no longer controls your IMEI phone.

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MTK IMEI 3g How to Use Meta Tools Maui
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