MTK Android Write IMEI Tool How To Use

1: Set Com Port correctly. You can see the connected port from Device Manager.

2: Mode by pressing the Select button in the resulting window, select Normal Mode.

3: Uncheck the box pop-up window from SIM 2 by pressing the Set button. Press Save Buôn come back.

4: Press the Read button telephone connection will read its current microsoft windows is installed.

5: IMEI box, type the IMEI number.

6: Write Click the button. The phone may reboot. If the action is successful green bits may not trade in dönecektir.ilk time. Click on the Write button repeats. appear yellow.

(Although sometimes remain in the red it is to do the repair imei. Check Romain repaired and that i repaired.)

Writer Tool {Latest Version}  Download 
Writer Tool {Old Version}   Download

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MTK Android Write IMEI Tool How To Use
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