LG Qualcomm NV Tools (EFS Professional) Download


Automatic detection and termination of SAMSUNG Kies application on startup.
Backup and restore partition images to and from compressed archives (*.tar.gz format).
Detects backup archives automatically on the device and PC for hassle free restoring.
Device filter support to allow displaying important partitions for various devices.
Extract and read device's PIT file to ensure efficient and accurate backup and restore operations.
Check MD5 hash during backup and restore operations to verify integrity of data written.
Option to Format EFS to wipe all data and recreate partition.
Qualcomm device support allowing many new features such as backup and restore of the FULL NV Item range.
Generate IMEI in reversed HEX format for Qualcomm repair operations.
Read and write IMEI to and from Qualcomm devices and QPST 'QCN Backup' files.
Read / write / send SPC (Service Programming Code) on Qualcomm devices.
Read / write Lock Code on Qualcomm devices.
Read ESN and MEID on Qualcomm devices.
Automatic detection and switching of USB settings when launching Qualcomm NV Tools.
Option to display various device, ROM and BusyBox related information at the click of a button.
Option to restore NV data from internal '*.bak' files if they exist to fix corrupt or incorrect IMEI number.
Option to repair NV data file ownership to fix 'Unknown baseband' and 'No signal' issues.
NV Backup and NV Restore options to utilise Samsung's built in 'reboot nvbackup' and 'reboot nvrestore' functions. (Intended for US device variants only)

LG Qualcomm NV Tools (EFS Professional)   Download

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LG Qualcomm NV Tools (EFS Professional) Download
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