LG Android Lock Screen Application Removal

LG Smart phones lock screen comes as standard in certain applications. These applications are "Phone," "Messages" "Settings" "Gallery" and "Camera" application. 5 You can edit this as you can remove the lock screen application and lock screen apps you want. Now, how to organize these applications to you and tell you how to remove it.

Lock Applications regulation is on the screen

We are doing our menu entry from the phone to the lock screen shortcut menu by following way.

Settings / General / Lock Screen / Shortcuts.

You will see that a pop-up screen on the wheel mark application. When you click on the icon of the application you want to remove the wheel to open a new window on the screen that "Shortest Path Delete" You remove the application you choose the option on the screen.

In the screen again by clicking on any of the applications you can change the screen lock applications.

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LG Android Lock Screen Application Removal
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