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Once your device is rooted with Kingroot, you will find the Purify App in the App Drawer of your device. Purify App allows you to perform various tasks that includes removing the Pre-installed system apps, Block Auto Start Apps, Clear Cache Data and Save Battery.

Requires Internet Connection
Kingroot App requires you to have active internet connection in order to use the App. As, it searches the available root strategy for your device to get it rooted

Download KingRoot Application (APK)

Kingroot v4.1.0_2015_05_21
Kingroot v4.1.0_2015_07_03
Kingroot v4.5.0_2015_07_22
Kingroot v4.5.0_2015_09_02
Kingroot v4.5.2_2015_09_28
Kingroot v4.6.0_2015_11_13
Kingroot v4.6.0_2015_11_23
Kingroot v4.6.2_2015_11_24
Kingroot v4.6.2_2015_12_11
Kingroot v4.8.0_2016_01_21
Kingroot v4.8.0_2016_02_03
Kingroot v4.8.1_2016_02_29
Kingroot v4.8.2_2016_03_09
Kingroot v4.8.5_2016_03_30
Kingroot v4.9.0_2016_04_21
Kingroot v4.9.0_2016_05_09
Kingroot v4.9.2_2016_05_12
Kingroot v4.9.2_2016_05_30

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Android MTK - Tutorials Root For Developers
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