Windows Phone Image Designer Tool Download

Applies to: Windows Phone hardware development

If you chose either of the following options, you will see the Flash the image to your phone screen:

Selected Flash a Windows Phone image onto your phone during Getting started

Selected Flash after you've successfully built a new OS image

To flash a previously built production, retail, or manufacturing retail image (FFU) to your phone

Boot your phone into image or FFU download mode. To force your phone into image or FFU download mode manually, press and release the Power button to reboot the phone and then immediately press and hold the Volume Up button. Note that this option is available only after an initial FFU has been flashed to the phone.

If this does not work, check and follow the device flashing instructions provided by the SoC vendor.

Connect your phone to the host computer.

Verify that your phone shows up in the list of Flashable Devices. If you don't see your phone appear on the list, click the refresh button beside the drop-down list next to Flashable Devices. You can also try disconnecting the USB cord from your phone and then connecting it again until your phone shows up on the list of flashable devices.

Choose your phone from the list of flashable devices and then click Flash to flash the previously built image or FFU. You will see the progress bar being updated while the image is being flashed to your phone.

Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you will see a message that indicates that the image was successfully flashed to your phone

Check your phone's screen to verify that it automatically boots with the image or FFU you just flashed.

To flash a previously built test image on the phone

Follow steps 1-4 in the previous section. The phone will boot to the image flashing screen.

Open an elevated command-line and navigate to the %WPDKCONTENTROOT%\Tools\bin\i386 directory.

Run ffutool.exe from the command line with the –skip option to skip the flashing process and boot to the normal OS.

Windows Phone Image Designer Tool  Download

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Windows Phone Image Designer Tool Download
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