Using Kingo Android Root

1-First USB debugging from your device DEVELOPERS CHOICE active edin.geliştiric options on the device is not active> activates a number repeatedly, making 7-8 times.

2- Kingo latest version of the root program Download

3-Open After Download and install the program setub

After opening the 4-ON, a program connect your phone to the computer via USB.

5-a-two-minute wait for you to see your computer, phone

6-correct manner as a screen writer gelecek.üst the phone model you have done everything.

7-If you do everything right and then bad things can happen ROOT kesmeyin.dah connection with the opening bekleyin.telefo kapanabilir.endişelenmeyin.ayrı by USB.

8-root If you check the accuracy of the root after the phone is switched root menu on your supers were successful.

9-Supersu to enter the water if you do not update your mistakes authority may make unutmayın.root

Kingo Android Root Video Lecture

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Using Kingo Android Root
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