Samsung Galaxy S3 ı9300 Root Download

We hang up the phone.
Volume down button + home button and power button at the same time pressing, we open the phone.

I expect to come up against a problem.
When we press the volume keys open question, and then we choose the option to continue.

Downloading Mode is required to come before us after this operation. (If not, check transactions.)
We connect our phone wears a USB cable and a computer.
Okis my phone bottom right of our computer we will see the familiar.
We are opening the Odin program you have downloaded.

When we open Odin identity: COM section is a need to see the lights of the yellow light.

If he did see our phone, we click on the PDA button in Odin.
When I click on the PDA button opening chapter we have downloaded Galaxy S3, we choose the ROOT, please note that the file extension of the TR.

After completion of the above is going green and yellow box appears in the çıokıy go. Phone resets itself. You do not touch the phone.

the phone will start again when the installation is finished.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ı9300 Root   Download
Samsung Galaxy S3 ı9300 Odin  Download

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Samsung Galaxy S3 ı9300 Root Download
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