Odin Usb Problem Solution

He did not see my phone, what should I do

That you can not see your phone. In this case I have often said it is experiencing, and if you do what I tell you, I hope to offer a definitive solution will solve the problem.

1) Download Samsung USB Drivers gave first file in the link now and install it. Loading finished taking phone Download via USB when connected to the computer, wait out the sound if it ends 3-5 seconds if you do not touch any installation process, if carried out on windows. When finished, repeat this process.

2) Connect the phone to Download Mode by taking the Odin. Some friends and solved the problem here appears seamless. Continue reading friends are invisible.

3) Yes still download the file to your phone and Samsung USB is not visible through the ATI drivers.r those who exit a folder.

4) My Computer, right-select "Properties" "Device Manager" there "Gadget Serial (Yellow Ünleml the name may be different), you will see"
Update the right key "Driver Software" >> "my computer for Yazızıl Version Scan" >> "Browse" to select the files that we remove the folder and "forward" also needs to be established and "End" by pressing Stop when Odin must look to turn it off.

Still does not seem to have a problem with your USB port talk if you still have trouble making it into a different USB input to this process on the computer.

Samsung Usb Drivers  Download
Samsung Usb Drivers Download

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Odin Usb Problem Solution
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