Odin Android Phone How to Install Custom Rom

1) Turn off your phone.

2) Phone "Volume -" + "Home" + "Power" using the key combination. Do not leave keys until you see the following text on the screen.

3) "Volume +" button to confirm the warning on the screen. Our Android phone "Download Mode" We have taken a.

4) My Computer "Odin" We open our program and we are connecting the phone to the computer

5) In order to begin, Odin program in the Message field "Added" must be written and "ID: COM" should be blue area of ​​the first cell. Otherwise, the process to start.

"PDA" or click. "Cwmtouch-recovery-" Select the file. "Auto Reboot" and "F. Make sure that Time Reset "options, except of course be marked" Start "and press. During this time he did, may become unresponsive.

Odin never turn off after you press Start. To break the connection between the phone and computer.

6) will be filled before a bar on your phone screen. Then the phone will reboot itself.

7) When Odin himself re-start your phone ID: COM cell background green and ID: COM in the cell above the "PASS" When you see Odin is finished with the phone's operation. After that the phone will start to open packages received by Odin.

8) When your phone starts to open another screen will be filled as in the picture below. This will be done when the phone is opened.

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Odin Android Phone How to Install Custom Rom
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