MTK Android SP Flash Tool Software Video Presentation

Flashing only part of the ROM

In case you want to flash just one part of the ROM, that is also possible. In the shown example, only recovery image will be flashed.
Deselect all parts except the one(s) you want to flash and then press F9 (or hit Download button).

The tool will immediately show a warning because not all parts are selected, but you should continue anyway. Safely press Yes to continue.

The download of the chosen partition image will start and after the yellow bar is complete, the popup with the green circle should appear.

Please note that, even though it isn't mandatory to select it on the list of images to flash,
preloader file must be present in the same folder as the other partition(s) that you want to flash, or else phone will not be able to enter into download mode.

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MTK Android SP Flash Tool Software Video Presentation
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