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Nokia Software Recovery with Lumia Software Recovery Tool

Lumia Software Recovery Tool Usage

Step 1: The Lumia Software Recovery Tool Download the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to your computer and install it. Ensure that your phone is fully charged the charger, if possible.

Step 2: Launch Lumia Software Recovery Tool, and connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable compatible. Select the correct USB mode on your phone if it be asked: Nokia

Suite or modem.

Note! all personal data is deleted when you use your phone Lumia Software Recovery Tool. If possible, back up phone content before starting the installation.

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided in the vehicle. Telephone installed the latest version of your software and your phone will return to the factory settings. This process may take some time depending on your internet connection and you can not use your phone during installation.
If your phone is not turned on or connected, your phone "does not turn on my phone or stops responding option" and can also save (only available on Windows Phone 8 installed model).

help purchase the Lumia Software Recovery Tool
To get help on the Lumia Software Recovery Tool, and to find answers to your questions, open the Lumia Software Recovery Tool and drop any screen ''? '' Click the icon.
Lumia Software Recovery Tool will require the use cases,

1) If you are experiencing problems or Soft software update problems Lumia Software Recovery Tool to recover your phone (Lumia Software Recovery Tool) which you can use. If it does not respond to actions you take your phone, if wheels are spinning on the screen of your phone, if your phone is plugged stay (freeze if that is) or will not turn on your phone (not working), before resorting to the Lumia Support Point, you can repair your own phone using the new recovery agent.
Before starting to use the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to back up the data on your phone (if possible)

2) If you encounter Error Code 8007000D;
the reason you encounter this error code is that the mismatch between the data you need to download the update data on your device. The cause of this error may be one of the following 3 reasons;
The lack of retail device (an engineering device, to be provided from a promotional contest)

The existing software image on the device is corrupted.
Having been manipulated deliberately image, by you on the device or reconfigure settings made by others (hacked devices, installing inappropriate software, etc.) ... Please note, it is one of the last possibility can compare but it is possible.

Error code 8007000D's Remedy

If you can not solve your problem is to reinstall or set up, you need to restart your phone

(Settings> System> About> Reset your phone)

If there is no help to restart your phone, go to your nearest Lumia Support Point or Lumia Software Recovery Tool (Lumia Software Recovery Tool) recovery using your phone / software, try reinstalling it.

Lumia Software Recovery Tool program; Lumia series, Asha Series S40 phones (with USB cable), with Symbian ^ 3 and S60 series phones are supported.

Also, if you have problems updating software or software on your phone to use the newly introduced Windows Phone Recovery Tool 'u can use.

Which tool should I use

Use the Recovery Tool for Windows 8 or Windows Phone Lumia after running all phones. For all other Nokia-branded phones Lumia Software Recovery Tool Use. Windows Phone operating system that is currently installed on your phone (OS) version, go to Settings> About option to learn.
Windows Phone Recovery Tool (running Windows 8 or later for all Lumia phones)

Download Windows Phone Recovery Tool to your computer and install it. Ensure that your phone is fully charged the charger, if possible.

When the installation is complete, launch the application; The main screen displays:
If your phone is not deleted automatically, press my phone not detected at the bottom of all the phone and disconnect the main screen of your computer.
Select the phone manufacturer if you are asked.

Connect your phone to your computer using a compatible USB cable.
Wait for the phone to detect the connected computer and follow the onscreen instructions. Phone, you can try restarting your phone does not connect in a minute

Keep connected USB, On / off and reduce the volume, press and hold simultaneously. Release the button when the phone vibrates.

To begin installing the software on your phone, press install the software.

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