LG G Flex Install Firmware Download

First of all the responsibility is yours.

1 --- will download the appropriate ROM. (D95820 kit 95810c floor JB)

2 --- We are downloading the program. The installation program will make.

3 --- We download USB driver and we build.

4 --- Lg_kdz_fw-update_offlinefix \ folder inside the kdz_fw_upd_ b2cappsetup install the file.

5 --- C: \ ProgramData \ lgmobıleax delete the contents.

6- "lgmobıleax fix" the contents of the folder c: \ paste ProgramData \ lgmobıleax into.

7 C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc folder, go to the hosts file to copy and paste it into your desktop. One in the bottom of the desktop to open with notepad " csmg.lgmobile.co I" (without quotes). Copy and paste the desktop after saving one in the same place to eat etc and change. (After opening with notepad desktop notepad to save the species. Exit type at the bottom to save the record he asks)

8 --- run the Automatic offline whole procedure file and confirm the warning.

9 --- test tool program after giving approval will be opened automatically.

10 --- Open to activate the phone's USB error ayıklayıklayıcı developer settings and close the phone. (Or click Developer 7 consecutive times made the software information about the phone number)

11 --- Insert the USB cable of your phone by holding down the power button voice. Download will switch to mode.

12 --- Bring test tool program 3gqct and diag selected state.

13 --- the bottom right of the screen is opened windows enabler program status. Click it once and move on to writing on the case. (I do not remember doing it. Enabler can be opened automatically make you anyway)

14 --- Kdz select your file and click on the regular web upgrade test button.

15 --- are writing something on the screen that opens quarters republic of korea language is selected under the circumstances. Arrow start saying processing. (If you continue to press the Disconnect warning data continuously Retry button. The installation will start.)

16 --- The phone will start automatically after installation is finished.

Probably your phone will reboot itself constantly. Hard format will at last. Long-press the power button to power certain phones are completely closed. 2 minutes or so off the wait. Then the power + volume does not hold the saw to cut the LG logo and press 2 to leave it immediately hold open sound + audio section. Hard Format menu next 2 times we say yes will begin. 1-2 minutes later your phone will be turned on.

LG G Flex Install Firmware   Download
LG G Flex Install Firmware Installation Program  Download
LG G Flex USB Driver  Download

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LG G Flex Install Firmware Download
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