LG Emergency Mode Problem Solution

1. Connect your phone to the PC Emergency mode in case.

2. Run the Device Manager and see if there is any LG device here. LG update tool yet operate, install the first LG drive.

3. If you see 3 LG Hardware disable the modem. Why is not active in the recovery mode, the phone does not recognize the modem when you run the update tool lg.

4. Run the LG update tool. Will be updated to detect your phone. You can even pick up the phone hung out at 4%. Fastboot will work.

Install the LG Driver files provided in the link.
Get your device into emergency mode —>remove the battery and put is back again and then press vol UP + vol DOWN + power button at once.Then wait for a vibration. Now you will see a emergency mode written on yellow background.

Emergency Mode – LG E400
Connect your LG L3 to your PC using USB cable.
Next open KDZ updater (Run as Administrator only) and select >>  Type: 3GQCT PhoneMode:DIAG

LG KDZ Updator
Select the .kdz firmware file that you have downloaded in the KDZ file section.
We are ready to start the process. Click on the “Launch software update” , it will take some time to finish. If everything goes okay, then you will see a “Finished” message in log. Now your phone has been switched off from Emergency mode.
Next ,turn it on. This will also take some time. Don’t worry, its normal the first time.

You have successfully completed unbricking process.! Install CMW for LG Optimus L3 E400:

Connect your phone using the USB Cable.
Extract CMW installer
Close & Exit if bluestacks is installed in your PC
Run the .bat file.
Voila! CMW will be installed in your phone.
LG Optimus L3 E400 Root:

Connect phone.
Extract Super one click.
Run the .exe.
Select Rage.
Start rooting.
LG Optimus L3 E400 Increase Internal Memory:

Connect the SD Card to the card reader.
Run Mini tool partition wizard.
Create a Fat32 partition for the data store. (Say 6.5 gb of a 8 gb card)
Create a ext2 partition for the app installation (Say 1 gig)
Click apply.
Insert card in your phone.
Install Link2Sd from play store. Select ext2. Reboot phone.
Now link all apps u want to move to sd card.

ROM installation tools  Download

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LG Emergency Mode Problem Solution
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