How iPhone and iPad Recovery Mode

If your device did not receive any response from the start even though you try to start your iOS device or iTunes software, although you can not see the cable to connect your device to install from scratch recovery mode (recovery) you must take. Below iPhone, you can see how to get to recovery mode, iPad or iPod Touch.

iPhone and iPad get to recovery mode

Your computer, open iTunes. (You can visit the address to install iTunes is not installed on your computer)

Connect the USB cable to your computer, but do not connect your iOS device, you only get installed on your computer

at the top of your iOS device off / on Turn off the key
Press and hold the Home button on your device is turned off

Plug the USB cable while holding down the Home button on your device (we recommend using the original USB cable)

Do not pull your finger on the screen of your iOS device's Home button until you see a screen like the following screenshot

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How iPhone and iPad Recovery Mode
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