Backup Restore WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp message backup

Your WhatsApp messages are automatically backed up every day to the memory of your phone. If you need to delete WhatsApp on your phone, you can manually backup and do not want to lose your messages:

Open WhatsApp and select Settings> Chat History> Go up the chat history.
Tap Yes to back up the message.

Restore WhatsApp Messages

If you delete and reinstall WhatsApp, WhatsApp that the newly installed if you want to transfer your files backed up when you open the first time you encounter a message asking. If you want to transfer your chat history, tap Restore when prompted. Thus, your chat history will be restored.

If you want to transfer your S60 S60 phone to another phone conversation, before you install WhatsApp on your new phone, you can simply transfer the memory card to your new phone. If you do not have an SD card 'copy we' file from your old phone to your new phone's memory. Install WhatsApp and when I asked to be transferred to your chat history, tap Restore.

a few technical details about WhatsApp Backup files

The backed-up messages, 'it' is saved under a file name msgstore.bak.
The backed-up messages, as long as there is enough space on your phone are stored on internal memory and SD card.

The backed up files are available 7 days after the last backup. Do not forget to transfer your chat history in this time!
The backed up files are specific to the phone number; For safety reasons it works with the same phone number or SIM card.

The backed up files are formatted in a way that can be opened only from within WhatsApp. Your chat to read your conversations on your computer can be sent as a .txt file to your e-mail from WhatsApp. Read this article for more information about how to transfer your chat.

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Backup Restore WhatsApp Messages
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