android.process.acor Error Solution

We are removing the Facebook Application

Select Settings / Applications / All Applications / People call or enter the storage cache and clear data and eliminates the problem immediately ..

1) After you receive the error, try using the English language in your phone is not going to continue in English Let's problems? I usually see an improvement.

2) delete the cache of your applications and turn off your phone.

3) After making some phone application update in order to destroy these errors updates to your phone heard that get reset your phone, then start using the subject by saying delete everything inside and updating to do.

4) If you have a horse before different rums and rum if you install other software conflicts because of this issue can be orataya. So again at the original ROM again unpack your browser.

5) If the problem arises when you insert your SD card if you format the SD card on your computer.

6) If you format the applications you up at reload them.

7) Take the original software of your phone; sony: update service, for samsung: kies, etc ..

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android.process.acor Error Solution
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