Android Tablet - Phone WhatsApp Download

WhatsApp Installation

Download here WhatsApp on your Android phone. This link will take you to Google Play to download the WhatsApp application.

Continue to the next screen by accepting our Terms of Use open WhatsApp.
Verify your phone number. If you have problems in this step, see this article.

When you send a message to the Windows Phone user and group member, type a name that you want to see in the report. Do not worry, it later

WhatsApp open the Menu Key> Settings, then tap your profile name.

If you have installed earlier the same phone WhatsApp, WhatsApp "Discussions were backed up." You can direct you.

If you want to restore your old WhatsApp chat, select Restore. You can find more information about restoring messages here.

WhatsApp is no longer installed on your phone, you can start chatting.

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I WhatsApp Removal

Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Go to remove.
Restart your phone.

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Android Tablet - Phone WhatsApp Download
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