Tablet WiFi Issues Final Solution 100%

1. We're going to the Settings section.

2. We click Wi-Fi.

3. We choose the network that we want to connect.

4. We are entering our password, the network will connect to the existing definitions.

5. We mark the Show Advanced Options.

6 Months upfront DHCP part of the IP Static section.

7. There are examples of IP and DNS definitions as you can see, unfortunately, that this instance of the default gateway IP and gateway identification AirTies router and match the IP identification.
We will describe them one by one from the beginning.
Suppose AirTies Gateway: and the IP Layout 192.168.2. [Xxx] is.

8. IP Address: You can define as desired subject, I define as
192.168.2. [Xxx]

Network sample length: In 24 I wrote that Google's DNS DNS is used when the date and
Turn off your modem After performing the above steps. You can now access the internet from your phone seamlessly.

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Tablet WiFi Issues Final Solution 100%
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